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We connect startups with industry, nationally and globally.

With vision to empower their world with disruptive concepts and capable to be part of a worldwide movement - An innovative one.

TheNetwork was born in 2017. We want to provide you the best tools for great entrepreuners and leaders to shape and engage new corporations with different, positive and optimized solutions to increase their business into another dimension, gathering new partners and attracting new clients!

Come and join us... Very happy to help you achieve your business goals.



Disrupt your concept with a connection with industry players for product development, international expansion, resources and process optimization or investment. Define your priorities with this new world and sectors and be in touch globally with the highest industrial leaders on our platform. We generate opportunities, for you to generate new business.


Design new methods and be attentive to conquer new markets with a highest innovation mindset and solutions. Fill the lacks in your organization, solve real problems. Get your business on our network platform and allow yourselves to have an outstanding performance in a worldwide range with new companies, full of ambition that can increase and empower your value and make you, and your product, simply different with great optimized solutions.


Be connected with industry and startups according to each sector and get access to the most updated metrics to overview the difficulties and solutions in the market. Contribute for the movement - let's create a different perspective, let's join the best leaders together, let's identify the opportunities and put into practice our top innovation skills available internationally.



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Connecting Industry & Startups

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